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Everyone who participate in the meeting will also receive a 50kr giftcard from foodora and a chance to win a price!

Some more info about the general meeting was recently send out to your emails. Make sure to check your spam if you can\\'t find the email! \ud83d\udce9

On the general meeting you can search the board posts and also FUM! If you want to know more about FUM check out the resent posts on our insta by out current FUM-representatives!\ud83d\ude0d

To be a FUM-Representative you need to be able to understand Swedish since their meetings are held in English.

You can find more info on the website or facebook!

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2) What\\'s the best part of being a FUM representative?
Drama is always fun, so participating in discussion as to who should be elected union president, for example, has been entertaining

3) Tips or good qualities for FUM members?
I really do not think you need any special experience, but being able to bear meeting formalities is a plus! A tip I have is to try to apply with a friend, as it is fun to have someone to talk with during the council meetings.

4) Why do you think someone should apply?
On the one hand, FUM is quite important for everyone who studies at the TekNat faculty, but then I also think it is very fun to get an insight into key issues that you might not even have heard about, for example whether re-examination periods should be removed or not.

5) Favourite snacks in Skrubben?
Yellow delicatos, of course!", "", 20, "november")'>
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What do you think is a good trait of a person in your post?
To have a clear opinion about equal opportunities and care about everyone\\'s well being! And be a fan of game nights\ud83e\udd17

What is your best piece of advice for your successor?
Market yourself so that everyone knows who they can contact and keep up the study social committee!

Favorite snack in Skrubben?
Daim is underrated! \ud83c\udf6b\ud83e\udd24", "", 30, "oktober")'>
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