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Fredag 11 december 2020

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Torsdag 26 september 2019

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Torsdag 15 augusti 2019

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How would you briefly describe your post? Something you do not think about?
It is a post that is very open. In addition to the \u00c5ngstr\u00f6m Championships, you can arrange as many different events as you can imagine!

What was your experience before applying?
I had been a member of Klubbverket before and played sports all my life. But in my opinion you can apply regardless of whether you have experience of sports or not.

What do you think is a good trait of a person in your post?
To be excited to try new sports! And to hype more IT-students for the sport events!

What is your best piece of advice for your successor?
Try to arrange events that are appealing to everyone! It\\'s always fun to try new sports.

Favorite snack in the scrub?
The Tomato Basil Sandwich is to die for \ud83c\udf45", "", 28, "oktober")'>
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62       5
55       3

Previous experiences before applying as paymaster?
I had some experience with book-keeping when I worked as a cashier at my local gym.

Who should apply for this post?
Someone with a spine that is able to sat no if need be. Somoneone meticulous and is able to look ahead.

Tips for your replacement?
Continuous booking is worth it everytime. Pay or schedule the invoices the moment you get them.

Favorite snack in skrubben?
Nocco Carribean is very good.", "", 26, "oktober")'>
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Name: Elsa Kidman
Year: IT2
Post in the board: Information manager\ud83d\udc69\u200d\ud83d\udcbb
In my time on the board I\\'m most proud that we have focused on making the section more accessible to international students! My role as an information manager is to keep track of all info, ie social media, the website and the member database(and gdpr)! Before I applied I had no previous experience! But I don\u2019t regret getting involved in the board! I think the most important trait of a person in my post is to like to learn new things and to not be afraid to spam info to the members of the IT-Sektion! My best piece of advice for my successor is to not be afraid to ask for help and always write in English also!", "", 26, "oktober")'>
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So put on some jazz and bring your happiest mood with you to celebrate that IT turns 25 with an unforgettable gask fitting theme the Great Gatsby.

You only get a chance like this once in a lifetime!\ud83c\udf20\u2728\ud83c\udf89

For more info about this Gask visit our website or Facebook!\ud83c\udf89", "", 17, "september")'>
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